Sabin: Trump ‘Upbeat And Happy’

Andy Sabin
Amagansett resident Andy Sabin and son, Matthew Cortes.

Amagansett’s Andy Sabin said last week’s fundraiser for President Donald Trump at builder Joe Farrell’s Sandcastle estate in Bridgehampton was a rousing success. “There were 500 people there, and 200 more had to be turned away,” he said.

“The enthusiasm was unbelievable,” Sabin added, saying the President was “extremely upbeat and happy.”

Sabin, owner of the East Hampton-based Sabin Metal Corporation, a privately-held precious-metals recycling business based in East Hampton, said Trump has been a victim of “fake news.”

“The media is misquoting him,” said Sabin, who is out of the Teddy Roosevelt mold — a generous donor to environmental causes and to the Republican Party. He said most of the good things Trump has done have gone unreported. The President is, “big time on cleaning up the ocean plastic problem,” Sabin said, who also pointed out Trump urged NATO members to start contributing more money after years of U.S. funding.

Sabin made national news in 2016 when a large “Hillary for Prison 2016” sign in front of his home was stolen within a day of going up. Sabin promptly re-erected the sign on a pair of 12-foot poles behind an electric fence with yellow warning signs. A surveillance camera kept watch.

“Living in a town with a lot of left-wing wackos, that’s what happens,” Sabin said at the time. Still, he said last Saturday en route to Farrell’s Bridgehampton house, “We didn’t see a single protestor.”

He pointed out this week that although Trump may be unpopular in New York and California, people “love him” everywhere else. The goal is to “get the party back to its Republican roots,” Sabin said.

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