Fluffy? Bitey? Eugene?

So maybe the Center for Science Teaching & Learning isn’t exactly Everything East End, being located in Rockville Centre quite a ways upisland, but the not-for-profit organization with a mission of encouraging science learning and literacy is holding a naming contest for two young emu birds, part of its recently opened “Dinosaurs! and People’s United Bank Animal Adventure,” located at its Tanglewood Preserve location.

And why shouldn’t those on the Twin Forks and beyond be given a chance to name these enormous, flightless birds just because we live farther away?

In case you’ve never heard of an emu, it’s the second largest bird after the ostrich, and it has a similar appearance. By the way, don’t make an emu mad — saying “I hear you taste good” might be a bad idea — because this Australian native can stand over six feet tall and travel great distances, sprinting up to 31 miles per hour, then kick and peck you to death (although they also make good pets).

“Emus are a popular part of our new animal exhibition, but they need names. We are calling upon our visitors and friends to submit their ideas for naming our two emus,” said CSTL Director Dr. Ray Ann Havasy.

To enter suggestions, visitors must submit an entry card in person at the exhibit with the proposed name for one of the birds written on the entry slip along with their name and contact information during the month of September. Winners will be selected on October 1 and asked to join Dr. Havasy at the attraction on October 5 for the public announcement of the names. The winners will also have their photos on permanent display with the emus.

For more information about CSTL, visit www.cstl.org.

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