Hamptons Police Hero Rex Gallant Thwarts Revenge Attack at His Home

Rex Gallant at his East Hampton home
Rex Gallant at his East Hampton home, Photo: Petr Dlouhy, belchonock/123RF

Just weeks away from taking over for Larry Hirsch as Hamptons Police Department public relations specialist, hero cop Rex Gallant found himself back in action, despite the knee injury that took him off the front lines and into the press room in the first place. After word spread about Gallant’s new role, it appears old enemies wanted to take one more shot at terminating the local legend.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Gallant awoke at his East Hampton home to the sound of breaking glass. Quickly checking his bedside CCTV surveillance system, he counted four masked men clad in black tactical gear, each entering through a different window, including one fast-roping through the living room skylight. As soon as he determined all of them were inside, Gallant picked up his sawed-off shotgun and hit his emergency security button, sealing all windows and exits.

Then, Gallant pumped his shotgun and yelled out to the creeps, “You think I’m locked in here with you, but it’s you who are locked in here with me!” Following some swift and decisive action, including some advanced martial arts, which he learned while “sojourning in the Far East,” the incident was all over rather quickly, and without a single crook killed.

Later, wrapped in a blanket, sitting with legs dangling out the back of an ambulance, Gallant told concerned fellow officers that he was OK. He immediately accused the Gerblert Brothers of sending the hit squad because of bad blood after he put them away for failing to open a shop attuned to Sag Harbor’s historic character this summer. “There will be more coming, you can count on it,” Gallant said, looking off into the dark night highlighted by whirling but silent police and ambulance lights. “But I’ll be ready.”

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