North Fork Art District Tour Returns This Sunday, October 27

Max Moran in his studio
Max Moran in his studio, Photo: Courtesy Alex Ferrone

The North Fork isn’t just about wine, and it’s time everyone knows it. After a successful launch in August, the North Fork Art District Tour returns for what promises to be another successful day of exploring the art, culture and beauty of the region. On Sunday, October 27, participants in this exciting event will enjoy a self-guided tour that will take them through the area’s agrarian beauty while traveling from one local gallery or artist’s studio to the next, concluding with a fabulous meal coupled with good conversation and exclusive gifts!

Kicking off at noon, the tour makes stops at William Ris Gallery in Jamesport (1291 Main Road) and Alex Ferrone Gallery in Cutchogue (25425 Main Road), as well as the artist’s studios of Max Moran in Jamesport, and Scott McIntire and Lori Hollander in Greenport. Guests will then gather for a Director’s Dinner at The Halyard at Sound View Greenport to enjoy a meal by chef Stephan Bogardus. A Sparkling Meet & Greet Hour kicks off with Lenz wine at 6 p.m., followed by the meal and live art auction at 7 p.m.

Scott McIntire Studio
Scott McIntire Studio, Photo: Courtesy Alex Ferrone

Alex Ferrone Gallery owner Alex Ferrone answered some questions about this weekend’s tour, including how it came together, what makes it so special, and what participants can expect on Sunday.

Who came up with this idea?
My partner, Richard Abatelli, and I have been considering an art tour for a few years now but didn’t see how without a financial plan. Speaking with Duncan Kennedy, president of the North Fork Promotion Council, more than a year ago about bringing a more art-interested visitor to the North Fork, he suggested a discussion with other gallery owners. So a collective exchange with Duncan, Mary Cantone of William Ris, and Jonathan Weiskopf of VSOP started the conversation and formulation of the tour.

Funding to assist the tour came from an award through North Fork Promotion Council along with generous sponsorships from Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital, East End Tourism Alliance, Dan’s Papers, WPPB Peconic Public Broadcasting, The Duncan Inn and Abatelli Real Estate Appraisals, as well as The Halyard at Sound View Greenport restaurant, A Lure Restaurant, Lenz Winery and Sparkling Pointe winery.

Tell me about the Director’s Dinner.
North Fork Art District Tour Director’s Dinner is strictly for guests who are on the tour. It’s a dinner where guests can participate in a live art auction and mingle with gallery owners, artists, tour sponsors and other art-admiring folks.

How does this tour differ from other art walks from years past in other towns?
Since the art destinations are spread out, it’s not a walk, but a self-guided driving tour where guests visit each art destination, and in-between they are free to explore the beautiful North Fork. So folks will spend a wonderful day on the North Fork and get to know the more artistic side of the region.

What will you be showing at Alex Ferrone Gallery on October 27?
The Grandscapes exhibition is running now, so guests at my gallery will see stunning works by painter Adam Straus along with photographs by Ennid Berger and David Magee. William Ris Gallery is showing works by Meghan Boody and Jeff Muhs.

"Grandscapes" exhibition at Alex Ferrone Gallery
“Grandscapes” exhibition at Alex Ferrone Gallery, Photo: Courtesy Alex Ferrone

What kind of demonstrations can people expect?
Artist Keith Mantell will be painting at William Ris Gallery at 1 p.m., and Max Moran, Scott McIntire and Lori Hollander will all be actively working in their studios in Jamesport and Greenport, respectively, when visitors arrive. Artists Adam Straus and Ennid Berger will be greeting visitors at my gallery, and WPPB will be broadcasting live from there in Cutchogue in the afternoon.

Was there discussion among galleries about what everyone would show?
We each discussed our calendars and what exhibitions would be going on at the times of the tours. There wasn’t any restriction or theme that we were planning around.

What about the special art edition giveaways?
Guests on the tour will each receive a limited edition print from one of the artists.

Dan’s Papers is a proud sponsor of this event. Visit for tickets and additional info.

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