Why New York Comic Con Rocks! Make a Pilgrimage to NYC’s Pop Culture Mecca

NYCC New York Comic Con floor at Jacob Javits Center
Fans gather at New York Comic Con, Photo: Sam Aronov/123RF

To celebrate New York Comic Con 2019, the East Coast’s greatest pop culture gathering kicking off this Thursday, October 3 at NYC’s Jacob Javits Center, Manhattan Media (Dan’s Hamptons Media‘s parent company) Chairman Richard Burns shares 10 reasons why he loves mixing with a brace of Batmen, Yu-Gi-Oh and Konami characters, Super Mario Brothers, Power Puff Girls and many, many more.

In other words: This is why New York Comic Con rocks.

NYCC New York Comic Con businessman in cape
Everyone gets in on the fun at Comic Con, Photo: Roman Tiraspolsky/123RF

10) Because 55-year-old, overweight men can slip into Batman outfits and, far from being laughed at, are photographed!

9) Because it’s one of the biggest shows in New York City all year and probably the only one that can lay claim to having the whole range of family members there from grandma to newborn (I don’t buy the argument that the Auto Show’s not primarily for grown up males).

8) Because 55-year-old, overweight women can slip into Wonder Woman costumes and, far from being laughed at, are photographed!

7) Because you can find a mint-condition Black Lotus card from the original Magic The Gathering deck selling for over $20,000.

6) Because you can go to panels as diverse as “I Love You 3000: Managing Real Feelings About Fictional Characters” and “Sponge Bob Appreciation Day,” to a “Afropunks and Blerds: The Black Nerd Renaissance” – and it all makes sense.

NYCC New York Comic Con cosplayers
Cosplayers abound, Photo: Sam Aronov/123RF

5) Because despite all the posturing, weaponry, bulging neck and leg muscles, and Mortal Kombat kung-fu stances, the 150,000+ folks that participate are basically a bunch of passionate, nerdy, kind, easy-going enthusiasts.

4) Because there’s a sign right by every entrance to the Javits Center, very easy to see and read, that says: “Cosplay is not Consent.” (Cosplay = dressing up in costumes).

3) Because teenagers can take a bunch of used toilet paper rolls, empty detergent bottles, some cupboard boxes, paint, and glue and become Jedi Masters, and no one laughs and they’re photographed!

2) Because you simply have no idea of the range and complexity of the Japanese anime universe until you see so much in one place. My favorites from past NYCCs are the Frombies (Friendly Zombies) and anything from Konami.

Stella Burns with Sailor Moon cosplayers at New York Comic Con
Kickypants and friends, Photo: Richard Burns

1) Because it’s ultimately a safe environment, especially for girls, where they can see other girls and women in costume, unashamed, and bold. In 2015, my 5-year-old was given a cape from DC Comics promoting their new Super Hero Girls characters. She promptly christened herself “Kickypants.” Priceless.

New York Comic Con 2019 is at the Jacob Javits Center (429 11th Avenue) this Thursday–Sunday, October 3–6. Learn more at newyorkcomiccon.com!

Richard Burns at New York Comic Con
Richard Burns at New York Comic Con

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