Walker County’s ‘The Hamptons’ Explores Small Town Life

“Nobody’s from the Hamptons.”

This is the message in Walker County’s new song, “The Hamptons,” sung by sisters Ivy Dene and Sophie Dawn. “The Hamptons” features Dene and Dawn singing about how it doesn’t matter where you’re from; you make your way in the world and might end up in the Hamptons, but nobody’s “from” the Hamptons.

Hailing from Sulphur Springs, IN, Walker County spoke to countryfancast.com about their new single. “This song is so special to us,” they said in a statement. “‘The Hamptons’ is all about being proud of where you come from and the lifestyle that made you who you are today. Thanks to Sarah Turner, Riley Thomas and Autumn McEntire for capturing that idea in a song. We grew up in a town of 390 people, and we were able to go back home and film the music video there – so we were able to include all of our family and friends who have been a part of our journey from the very beginning!”

Dene and Dawn will soon go on the CMT On Tour series, with Jimmy Allen and headliner Michael Ray.

But while the song’s message has a nice sentiment, but we beg to differ! There are plenty of people “from” the Hamptons. Check out the sweet music video above.

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