Be Better Together

For some of us, myself included at times, getting into a healthy state of mind takes extra effort once the cold sets in. That’s why January 1 is so tempting, a fresh start to a fresh set of goals. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually stick to those goals? That’s why the time to jumpstart your journey, any journey, is now.

Finding someone, or a group of others, to share a wellness journey with can be extremely beneficial. There’s added motivation in numbers and it’s less likely you’ll falter knowing you have to answer to more than just yourself. Here are some tips to get you started and suggestions on how to succeed.

Set shared goals and stick to them. When you’re partnering up with someone else, it’s key to understand what the other’s motivation is. Personally, I’m a very different person when I set my sights on losing weight versus when I’m aiming to get toned, or when I’m hoping to get outdoors more compared to switching up my eating habits. Each person tackles goals differently, so it’s important to share the same end goal. If you’re embarking on a wellness/fitness journey for the first time together, keep the goals limited to maybe one or two. The more you pile on your list, the less likely you are to actually achieve them.

Be realistic with your timeline. Each goal should have a way to measure its success, and it’s not always about numbers. Check in with your body and state of mind every couple of days to see if any progress is being made. Do you see or feel a difference? A good rule of thumb is to make comparisons every 30, 60, and 90 days. Don’t aim to rush each other or yourself.

Two, or more, people don’t necessarily have to have the same scheduling to accomplish the same things. So make sure to check in with one another on a daily basis. When the initial fire burns out, as it inevitably does, the end goal has to remain in sight. It can be a matter of asking what they accomplished today or a motivational text/call simply reminding them to keep at it. Doing this once a day will not only aid in motivation but will strengthen the bond between you.

Keep a positive attitude. I can’t say this enough. Attitude is everything. Two or more people need to share the same state of mind from the moment your goals are outlined to crossing the finish line. This entire endeavor is meant to be uplifting and lead to long-lasting benefits. It’s okay to disconnect from a partner who isn’t sharing the same attitude. Habits don’t change overnight and there will certainly be moments of doubt and resistance. The important part is to see past the discomfort and find the small benefits in each passing day.

Celebrate success together. Even small milestones matter. Were you aiming to meditate more and you just completed a week of self-guided meditations? Turn down dessert at a big party? Were you finally able to make that extra step in your run? Whether it’s been two days, two weeks, or two months, each new success is a reason to be proud. It’s okay if you haven’t reached the same point at the same time, what matters most is that the sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm is shared. In coming together, physically or just emotionally, it provides the support system that’s been key all along.

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