Carl Yastrzemski Comes Home for Christmas – As a Super7 Action Figure

Super7 Supersports Classic All-Stars Carl Yastrzemski action figure on home plate
Super7’s Carl Yastrzemski action figure, Photo: Super7, 123RF

In September of 2013, the Boston Red Sox unveiled a statue of Carl “Yaz” Yastrzemski at Fenway Park. The baseball great and beloved Bridgehampton native, now 80 years old, had said it was “quite an honor” to see himself immortalized in bronze. But that moment might pale in comparison to his recent appearance as a 4-inch, plastic action figure.

Released just in time for Christmas as part of Super7’s Supersports series of collectible toys, the new “Classic All-Stars” action figure puts Yaz right in fans’ pockets. That is, of course, if one chooses to free him from his beautifully designed blister pack. It’s something of a dilemma, really. The little version of Yastrzemski comes mounted on a 10-inch card boasting a vintage look that would thrill any BoSox devotee—and the East End has many, dating back to the days when the region could only receive New England radio broadcasts.

Super7 Carl Yastrzemski action figure with other figures as fans in Fenway Park
Yaz meets his fans at Fenway Park, Photo: Oliver Peterson/@oliversees

Yastrzemski’s card is decorated with an iconic shot of the career Red Sox player surrounded by pleasing team colors—red and blue with gray and white details—along with fonts and logos that deliver a nostalgic grand slam. Many fans and collectors will likely choose to hang this on their wall unopened. It would also make a great gift mounted in a clear shadowbox, preserving the cardboard for years to come.

Even the package’s mustard-colored back smacks of old Topps baseball cards, including a checklist featuring more Classic All-Stars in the Supersports series, such as fellow Boston Hall-of-Famers Carlton Fisk, circa 1975, and Ted Williams from 1941; San Francisco Giants Willie Mays, ca. 1965 (sorry, Mets fans—but you’re used to losing, right?), Orlando Cepeda, 1958, and Juan Marichal, 1968; Brooklyn Dodgers legends Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella from 1955; and some Yankees no one reading this cares about…Joe DiMaggio, 1941, Yogi Berra, 1951, and Mickey Mantle from 1956.

Super7 Brooklyn Dodgers and San Francisco Giants action figures
Super7 Brooklyn Dodgers and San Francisco Giants action figures, Photo: Super7

Because Super7 is based in San Francisco, the company’s Online and E-Commerce Manager Brian Lew explains that they “feel a connection with Yaz because his grandson Mike Yastrzemski was a breakout star for the Giants this past season.”

The series also offers three adorable Classic Mascots: San Francisco’s Crazy Crab, NY’s Mr. Met (available for preorder) and Philadelphia’s Phillie Phanatic.

Super7 Carl Yastrzemski action figure black and white in 1937 Bridgehampton
Carl Yastrzemski in Bridgehampton, Photo: Oliver Peterson/@oliversees

Yastrzemski graduated Bridgehampton High School in 1957 with just 17 other students and spent much of his time working his family’s 70-acre potato farm. When he wasn’t working or studying and playing ball at school—where he also played football and basketball—the young man played and practiced baseball with great determination. He hung a ball from the ceiling of his parents’ garage, across from the Little League field on School Street, and took 1,000 swings at it every night.

The work paid off, earning him a .512 batting average in school and a scholarship to Notre Dame, where he signed with the Red Sox as a freshman. The man has true local cred, and his jersey, along with a commemorative plaque, hangs proudly at his alma mater.

Super7 Carl Yastrzemski action figure packaged and loose
Photos: Courtesy Super7

For those who open their Yastrzemski figure, it has the retro style of vintage Star Wars figures, and the Jaws ReAction Figures, with five points of articulation: at the neck, shoulders and hips. The 18-time All-Star and Triple Crown winner comes with a baseball bat accessory, which fits comfortably in Yaz’s right hand, and his 1967-era uniform has clean lines, vibrant colors and excellent details, down to the silver cleats on the bottom of each shoe. Like the man it depicts, the figure is a winner, in or out of the package.

Today, more than 60 years after Yastrzemski left Bridgehampton for college, he rarely returns to his hometown hamlet, but with the advent of Super7’s action figure, he may be here in droves for Christmas.

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