Baked Clams


Who: Chef de Cuisine Michael Zuckerman, Nick & Toni’s

Instagram: @NickandTonis

Chef Zuckerman’s Guest-Worthy Recipe: Nick & Toni’s baked clams

Why? This dish is just that simple to prepare for a few people, or many! It’s also a recipe that will have your guests believing you spent all day and night working to prepare for them. Plus, these are handheld, so there’s no need for an awkward fork while you’re mingling!


For the clams

30 Littleneck clams

2 oz thinly sliced pancetta

15 oz white wine

Lemon wedges

For the garlic herb butter

1 lb butter

20 garlic cloves

1 tsp Kosher salt

1 Tbsp lemon juice

2 Tbsp chopped parsley


Pre-set your oven to 350 degrees. Set out the butter to come to room temperature (soft).

Take your garlic and spread it out on the roasting pan. Set the garlic in preheated oven and cook it for 20 to 25 minutes, till soft. Set the garlic to cool.

Set the oven to broil.

Take the pancetta and portion the slices into thirds (the length of a clam). Set aside.

In the mixing bowl, place the softened butter, lemon juice, parsley, salt, and roasted garlic. Mix well and chill. Portion the garlic herb butter into half-ounce pieces once chilled.

Shuck open the Littleneck clams and place into the baking dish. Place on top of each clam a slice of pancetta and slice of garlic herb butter.

Pour the white wine into the baking dish and broil for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove from oven and serve with your favorite crusty baguette and a few lemon wedges.

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