Robert Downey Jr. Hosts YouTube Original ‘The Age of A.I.’

East Ender Robert Downey Jr. will host the new YouTube Originals series The Age of A.I., set to launch on December 18.

According to YouTube, “Robert Downey Jr. hosts a brand new YouTube Originals series – The Age of A.I. Discover the most innovative and leading technologies that will change the world forever. Technology is moving faster than ever, and it’s taking less time to be widely adopted. Join host Robert Downey Jr. to explore the depths of this fascinating, gripping technology.”

Deadline reports that the eight-episode series will look at artificial intelligence and how it has progressed to an incredible degree in recent years. The first episode will focus on Mark Sagar of Soul Machines, an Oscar-winning special effects artist who is building an autonomously animated digital avatar of Other episodes will showcase stories like that of NFL linebacker Tim Shaw, who is working with Google to restore his ability to communicate in the wake of his ALS.

Downey Jr. is a great choice to host this series, given his Marvel Cinematic Universe character, Tony Stark, created the insane A.I., Ultron.

Check out the trailer above.

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