Chef Steven Amaral’s 14 Chocolatey Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

North Fork Chocolate Company bon bons
North Fork Chocolate Company bon bons, Photos: Courtesy Steven Amaral

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. The history of chocolate as a love food goes back to Mesoamerican culture, as it was a luxury item among upper class Mayan and Aztec people. In the early 1600s, chocolate was a popular commodity thought to cure disease. Famed courtesan Madame du Barry, who was the last mistress of Louis XV, used chocolate mixed with amber to stimulate her lovers.

What better way to express your love—be it romantic, platonic or familial—than with artisanal chocolates? North Fork Chocolate Company chocolatier and chef Steven Amaral offers 14 fabulous local chocolates to help say “I love you” to that special someone.

For romantic love: Kiln–dried, cherry-filled heart in dark chocolate.

For platonic love: Ice cream sundae bon bon— it’s “friendly!”

For familial love: We recommend a mixed box of chocolates.

For unconditional love: Sea salt olive oil truffle­—sometimes you need a grain of salt.

For bittersweet love: The 75% dark—birds of a feather.

For self-love: Our root beer float bon bon is comforting.

For a special beach lover: The Salty Dawg—toasted pecans, caramel, milk chocolate and white truffle oil.

For a special wine lover: Blackberry Merlot bon bon

For a special friend you’ve bonded with over cocktails: LI Spirits Bourbon and maple ganache in milk chocolate

For a special friend who loves all things Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden): We have you covered—a four-piece, 65% Belgian square; Italian wild cherry Baci, Grand Marnier Truffle; and Goat Milk Toffee for Sweden.

For the one who loves to stay home and cuddle: Duck Walk Vineyard Blueberry Port Ganache bon bon makes you feel warm all over.

For that special “it’s complicated” someone: A straight-up milk chocolate truffle to uncomplicate things!

For your best friend forever: Local strawberry jam filled heart in milk chocolate.

For a love that’s grown stronger with time: Hazelnut truffle—a classic flavor combo that has withstood the test of time.

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