Hamptons Police Raise Money for Victims of Online Charity Scams

A typical predatory ComeSupportMe campaign
A typical predatory ComeSupportMe campaign, Photo: teolazarev/123RF

The Hamptons Police Department has launched a ComeSupportMe.com campaign to raise money for those ripped off by predatory campaigns on the same platform.

“We recently received complaints about a series of scam ComeSupportMe.com campaigns in the area, but we really have no legal recourse to do anything because these victims gave of their own volition,” HPD spokesman Rex Gallant said on Tuesday. “So the department decided to do what we could for these poor, blindly giving souls. We’re asking the community to help make
them whole.”

The campaigns deemed “predatory” were, essentially, created by or for people who don’t want to work. Gallant pointed out that some of these campaigners would use a minor incident or malady as their reason for starting it in the first place, though none were actually doing anything to find work or better their situation. Instead, they simply hoped others would fund their lifestyle of playing video games, smoking expensive cigarettes and getting new tattoos.

“If you can afford to do nothing but get tattoos and play Fallout all day, we’re pretty certain you’re not desperate enough to require charity,” Gallant said. “At least our campaign is helping people who did something stupidly kindhearted instead of the lazy and entitled.”

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