Winter Fantasy

Mary O’Connor “Winter Walk.”

East End Arts in Riverhead will host its annual members exhibit from February 8 through March 8. Its timing aligns with Long Island Winterfest, a five-week festival celebrating the cuisine and culture of the East End.

An opening reception for “Winter Fantasy” will be held at 3 PM on Saturday, February 8. Diane Burke, executive director of East End Arts, explains more.

How did you choose the name “Winter Fantasy”?

We were thinking about what might be exciting for members to show off for the winter time. And what’s better than fantasizing during the winter? You’re outside exploring nature and that’s exciting to you, or inside looking out the window wishing to be outside.

How many artists are included in the show?

About 40. Across every medium — sculpture, painting, photography. This is our annual member show, it’s not curated. It’s a chance to let our members shine. So, any member from East End Arts can participate and almost anything goes, even something a little provocative.

Was the show intentionally timed?

We aligned it right up with Winterfest. As the entire community celebrates the winter out here on the East End, so will East End Arts. It’s a great opportunity for anyone that’s a member of our organization to have access to people that are coming out for the month-long festival. They happen to come by East End Arts to explore while doing other things. And everything will be for sale.

East End Arts is located at 133 East Main Street in Riverhead. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM, and Saturday 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Visit to learn more.

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