Inda Eaton: Shelter In Place

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Social distancing. Flatten the curve. Shelter in place.

These are sayings that, one month ago, would have caused most people to cock their heads to the side in confusion.

But not local legend and singer-songwriter Inda Eaton, who chose “Shelter in Place” as the title of her recently-dropped eighth CD, a collection of original songs.

Eaton recently performed at Bay Street Theater (all the way back on March 7, before the virus days), and rolled out a new video of her song, “Free.”

But back to “Shelter in Place.” We were able to get a few words with the Wyoming native and Springs resident this week.

So, what’s the deal with “Shelter in Place”? You don’t have a song by that title on the album; what was going through your mind when you came up with that name?

Our email and text is blowing up about “Shelter in Place.” It’s poignant and not lost on any of us.

I felt this energy brewing on a road trip across the U.S. after the 2016 election and started putting the project together. In December 2016, people still had campaign signs on their lawns a month later, like a caution “enter at your own risk” vibe. They were literally sheltering in place and staying within their markers.

I couldn’t shake the title, “Shelter in Place.”

Then, we ended up recording the songs (imagined from the road) here at the house — a total live-in where we were sheltered together.

The buffalo on the album cover symbolizes abundance. I was out with Nancy Atlas on tour in Wyoming where we found “Tank” (the skull). She helped us hang it on the living room wall.

So many of your songs, and your story really, are about travelling, the open road, freedom. How are you dealing with sheltering in place right now?

Our current shelter in Springs is abundant. It got complicated a couple of nights ago when I deeply cut my index finger while making croutons for the Tuscan kale salad. It’s my guitar finger and required stitches. Not wanting to visit the ER during these times, our field medic neighbor and vet came over and patched me up. Guitar playing is on hold. In fact, I’m currently hunting and pecking with my right hand to communicate with you.

A lot of the local musicians are getting creative with live feeds and so on. Do you have something planned like that?

We have a short film, “Free,” to release when the time is right. “Free,” from “Shelter in Place,” is an anthem that sums up the energy of the entire project — hopeful, high on emotion, and feeling very American. The music is available to the public for streaming on Pandora and Spotify.

I was about to jump into the live feed concept, but am taking it easy as my left hand needs to be stabilized for the moment.

 The subtitle for “Shelter In Place” is Celebration of Gratitude. What were you grateful for when you came up with that name, and what are you grateful for today?

Grateful beyond words for our community out here.

An out-of-work friend with an uncertain future took the time to bring us red sauce yesterday as we are hosting a larger-than-usual household. I cried tears of appreciation. Such a lovely gesture. I will do the same when I get back in the kitchen.

The neighborhood is coming together and we’re helping with the home schooling. I’m the music teacher.

We have a phone/text tree and are picking up groceries and medications for the block to limit exposure.

I don’t have a specific call to action to capitalize on the moment. This is not a time to sell or buy things.

For me, it’s a time to calm down, help out, and bask in the communal love of our neighborhood.

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