Know What’s Going On, For Free, Always

Hamptons Editorial

A pandemic is casting a huge shadow over much of the world, and New York is a particular target, with Suffolk County just today declaring a state of emergency.

News is moving in double time and there are both facts and misinformation being spread faster than the virus itself.

At a time like this, when many are choosing to stay in restricted, safe areas, we hope it’s nice to remember that every story in The Independent is free and has always been, both in print and online.

During this coronavirus crisis we will continue to provide a consistent stream of information: what’s open, what’s closed, where to seek help, how many are affected, and more, as quickly as we can.

Our Facebook page “The Independent Newspaper” is building in readership. We were a little late to the venue, but hopefully we’re catching up (we’ve been recognized for our social media platforms by the Press Club of Long Island). The same is true for our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Our e-newsletter is sent to thousands of locals who look forward to reading our top stories each week; just let us know if you want to be put on the list.

Every word of the Independent is free to all readers in print and online at, there is never a paywall. We believe that local news should be free to all. We will update you as frequently as we can, when you need us most.

During this time of crisis, we aim to give East Enders the information they need to stay safe, healthy, and in the know.

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