Presidential Primary Canceled in New York


New York State officials canceled the democratic Presidential primary scheduled for June 23, due to the coronavirus, but not the 20 or so local races still scheduled to take place that day.

On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the decision, reached by the State Board of Elections.

Cuomo had previously ordered that all New York voters be provided with absentee ballot applications so that they could vote without physically going to polling places if need be.

Zeldin: Bankruptcy Not The Answer

U.S. Congressman Lee Zeldin is not among those who think states dissatisfied with the federal aid given to them should resort to bankruptcy.

Many states are having trouble coping with COVID-19 related expenses and are relying on federal funding to make ends meet. Zeldin is proposing a number of initiatives to ease the financial burden.

“I’m advocating for the Department of Treasury and Federal Reserve to expand access to what is called the Municipal Liquidity Facility, [which] helps states and localities deal with budgetary stresses caused by the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus. Doing so would allow up to $500 billion in short-term notes for these localities.

“Currently, Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Aid is 75 percent federally funded and requires a 25 percent non-federal contribution. “This unprecedented time must be matched by an unprecedented commitment from the federal government, and it must cover 100 percent of FEMA Disaster Aid. At a time when our local resources are at a breaking point, the federal government must continue stepping up to the plate,” Zeldin said in an Op-Ed letter.

“As Congress negotiates additional coronavirus response legislation, it’s important to very strongly consider that our states and local governments hardest hit — like we have experienced in the worst way in New York — are desperate for additional federal resources to finish the battle against coronavirus. Bankruptcy is not the answer. Federal support is critical in this effort,” Zeldin said.

No Un-PAUSE Hereabouts

Although New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wants life to get back to normal, he indicated it wouldn’t be happening anytime soon hereabouts.

Cuomo said Sunday, April 26, parts of New York, like upstate, can open as early as mid-May. He likely would allow his PAUSE directive to expire May 15 in some parts of the state. But he has every intention of expanding it, perhaps right through Memorial Day weekend and beyond, while extending it in “many” others.

He mentioned New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and surrounding suburbs as places that will be under PAUSE for the foreseeable future. He also mentioned no event that draws people, be it a parade or a sporting event, will be allowed to occur.

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