Volcan Dulce de Leche Cake

Who: Chef Nano Crespo, Quinto la Huella at EAST, Miami

Instagram: @CrespoNano/@QuintoLaHuella

Chef Crespo’s Guest-Worthy Recipe:  Volcan Dulce de Leche

Why?  “We all need some sweetness in our lives right now, and this delicious, easy to make Volcan Dulce de Leche cake is the perfect pick-me-up. The recipe is portioned to make individual desserts, which is perfect if you’re entertaining, or home alone and still want to enjoy a decadent dessert. While it feels indulgent and rich, it’s rather simple to make and the ingredients are all things you probably already have in the pantry.”


1 egg

2 yolks

14 oz Dulce de leche

2 Tbsp flour


Beat the egg with the yolks to double its volume.

Add the dulce de leche and mix until integrated.

Finally, add the flour twice, beating until the preparation is homogeneous.

Evenly butter and flour (this is key to then easily unmold) six molds for custards or muffins of about half-cup capacity and fill them with the mixture almost to the edge.

Heat the oven to moderate-strong temperature (around 400 degrees).

Place the molds on a tray and cook for eight to 10 minutes.

The exact cooking time may vary depending on the oven. To find out if they are in their right place (cooked on the outside but liquid on the inside), take a mold out of the oven and, touching the surface, test that it is soft but easily detaches from the edges.

Unmold on the same plate on which it is going to be served and serve with banana ice cream.

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