Dan’s Papers 2020 Southampton Village Beach Guide

Southampton Village residents are entitled to three free resident parking permits, while village business owners and store managers are eligible for one permit. Local non-residents residing in the Southampton Fire or School District may purchase one permit per household, with senior and veteran discounts available. Summer visitor passes are available only to individuals renting in the Village of Southampton for 30 days or longer. All seasonal parking permits and 4×4 permits are available by mail only and are required through September 15. Daily passes will not be offered this year. Concessions, beach equipment rentals and picnic tables are not available until further notice. Beach restrooms are closed except for the ones at Coopers Beach, which will have new mandatory procedures posted. Social distancing and masks are required; tour busses are banned; and beachgoers must take litter home if trash cans are full. Beaches will be patrolled, and all guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Visit southamptonvillage.org for updates and more information.

Gin Beach in Southampton
Gin Lane Beach in Southampton, Photo: Barbara Lassen

Southampton Village Beaches

Coopers Beach (Ocean beach at 268 Meadow Lane)
Cryder Beach (Ocean beach at 98 Cryder Lane)
Dune Beach (Ocean beach at 1678 Meadow Lane)
Fowler Beach (Ocean beach at the end of Fowler Street)
Halsey Neck Beach (Ocean beach at the end of Halsey Neck Lane)
Gin Lane Beach (Ocean beach at 121 Gin Lane)
Little Plains Beach (Ocean beach at 543 Little Plains Road)
Old Town Beach (Ocean beach at the end of Old Town Road)
Road D (Ocean beach at the end of Road D)
Road F (Ocean beach at the end of Road F)
Road G (Ocean beach at the end of Road G)
Wyandanch Beach (Ocean beach at the end of Wyandanch Lane)

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