Did Hamptons Police Department Officers Choose Yacht Fun Over Duty?

Superyacht seen through Hamptons Police Department binoculars
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From the Cold Case Files of the Hamptons Police Department
Many cases remain unsolved in the Hamptons. A special task force is dedicated to seeking new evidence that may lead to closure. These are their stories…at least one of them, for now.

Last investigated April 10, 2001
Superyacht May Be Too Wonderful for Leave

Four Hamptons Police Department officers have not reported back in for duty this week after taking a small motorboat to address noise coming from a 450-foot superyacht that’s been floating in the waters off Sag Harbor since December.

According to an HPD source who asked not to be identified, the yacht has been in “non-stop party mode since the holidays” and has not come to shore or lifted anchor even once in the last three months. “We’ve been getting complaints from other boaters passing the yacht, and even homes that can sometimes hear the noise when it’s carried by the wind,” the source explained. “So we sent a team of four officers to go see what’s happening—we last heard from them as they were boarding the yacht on Friday, March 27,” the source continued. “They radioed shortly before that to report lots of attractive young men and women dancing, drinking, barbecuing and whooping it up on the yacht’s massive, shimmering decks, apparently in their own little world and completely unaffected by anything happening on shore.”

Insiders close to the case say no one on the yacht was perceived as a threat, and a reconnaissance team believes they’ve seen three of the four officers possibly sunning themselves and enjoying colorful and heavily garnished frozen daiquiris aboard the large and apparently well-stocked vessel.

“It also appears they may be using our HPD motorboats for waterskiing activities,” the source noted, “but we’re all having a hard time believing our fellow officers would simply up and abandon their duties.”

We have located a small cantina, popular among well-heeled yachties, on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands—it’s called “Officers Escape” and is apparently run by four very tan, happy and supposedly retired cops and their beautiful young wives. All the owners say they prefer to keep their backgrounds “mysterious” and none will reveal much else. This lead seems promising. The team asks for budget allowances for a 10-day investigative trip to Jost Van Dyke and the surrounding islands, as well as a modest, 40-foot sport fishing catamaran so we can finally close this case.

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