Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Heidi Lechner on Her Realism and Inspirations

Heidi Lechner's artwork used for the July 31, 2020 issue of Dan's Papers
Heidi Lechner’s artwork used for the July 31, 2020 issue of Dan’s Papers

“May the salt never be of tears in your eyes;
May the stones be only below your feet;
May the clouds pass you quickly by;
May the blues only fill your skies;
May the sands of your time here, always be.”
—Heidi Lechner

Self-taught artist Heidi Lechner, whose work first appeared on the cover of Dan’s Papers in 2017, incorporates elements of whimsy and impressionism into her work.

What was the inspiration for this piece?
Painted symbolically as a self-portrait, because I adore the sea, it is my reprieve. I was inspired by a favorite beach named Lashley, located in the Hamptons, where I have often rested at the jetty.

Talk about your art style.
I work mainly in realism. I adore Impressionism as well, but tend to prefer to capture people and things as they are.

Heidi Lechner and sketches from her “Lion” series, Images; Courtesy Lechner
Heidi Lechner and sketches from her “Lion” series, Images: Courtesy Lechner

Tell us about your artistic process.
I work in all mediums, all themes. However, my passions are with wildlife, mainly big cats. But you will find my most recent work in portraiture. The most recent paintings you see are with acrylic paint, as I enjoy working quickly. Recently, I have been sketching portraiture with graphite pencils.

If you weren’t an artist what would you be doing?
I love singing/songwriting, but most of all, my dream was always to be a comedic actress.

What inspires you the most?
My perpetual love for animals and nature.

See more of Heidi Lechner’s work at rainbowriverart.com and on Instagram @rainbowriverart.


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