Graffiti Targets Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren

Vandalism in Southampton Village targeting Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren. Independent/Courtesy Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren

The Department of Public Works alerted Southampton Village Mayor Jesse Warren of vandalism targeting him early Thursday morning, according to the mayor. Graphic graffiti and writings were discovered on an art board set up for Southampton youth at Doscher Park, next to Lake Agawam.

A few images of the vandals’ work were too graphic to publish. Some of the statements were, “Bring sanity back to S.H. Village Impeach Jesse Warren” and “Back The Blue.”

“The vandalism reflected derogatory statements toward the Mayor and appeared to be both premeditated and done at multiple times. The vandalism occurred within approximately 24 hours of the installation of the new art board, which had not yet been publicly announced and was initially set up in collaboration with Kathy Bishop of the Southampton Village Youth Committee and COVID-19 Task Force,” said a statement from the mayor.

“We have no tolerance for vandalism of any kind in Southampton Village,” Warren said. “The fact that it was targeting me is just par for the course as a public servant, and I will continue to serve the community with the same passion that I do each day.”

A police report was filed by the head of the parks department, Steve Phillips. The department has since repainted the board so that it can be reinstalled at a later date, the mayor added.

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