Meet the Hamptons Home Show Experts: SUNation Solar Experts

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The Hamptons Virtual Home Show will give you the unique opportunity to meet experts from the world of home improvement and learn about their services from the comfort of your own computer or smart device. Whether you’re looking to finish your basement, save energy and more, you’ll find it at the Hamptons Virtual Home Show—starting July 18 at Admission is free!

Meet the Experts
Gina Carrara, SUNation Solar Experts

What are current trends in solar energy?
The most current trend is solar and battery storage combinations. Homeowners want the battery storage for peace of mind during these troubling times. Batteries integrate really well with solar, they maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by your solar panels on a day to day basis. The battery stores energy and then it can be used at times when it is needed, such as a power outage.

What are some lesser-known benefits of solar?
It raises your home’s value.

How can a homeowner decide if solar is right for them?
A homeowner calls and we can analyze their roof over the phone with a small amount of information. If there is minimal shading we can schedule a meeting (virtual or in person) with a consultant who will design a system based on their electrical usage.

Talk about the Community Solar Program.Community Solar is for those who cannot have solar installed.
It is a group of solar panels installed on a sunny location, either on a building rooftop or underutilized land. A perfect option for renters, condo or HOA dwellers, homeowners with shading or those with roof issues. There is no fee to sign up and your savings are from 10-15% on your PSEG bills.

Why is solar energy so important in this day and age?
It is important to preserve our natural resources for generations to come. Solar Energy is one way to cut down on our carbon footprint. It reduces or eliminates electric bills, saving the homeowner money.

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