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Meet the Expert
Michael Passantino, Trinity Solar

What are current trends in solar energy?
One of the latest trends in solar energy is battery storage. Early adopters have been using battery storage with their solar systems for a few years now. While they have paid a premium to be the first, prices have declined as competition, technology and battery efficiency continue to drive manufacturers to make better, cheaper, more efficient batteries.

What are some lesser-known benefits of solar?
Zero energy-production costs. As we mentioned before, solar energy doesn’t require any outside supply to work, so its maintenance and energy production costs are practically zero. The only cost associated with the use of solar energy is the manufacture and installation of the components. This means that despite the large initial investment, there are no additional costs associated with its use, so the installation is recovered quickly.

Energy production coincides with the times of maximum demand. The periods with the highest energy demand are concentrated in the time slots between 11:00 and 16:00 and to a lesser extent, from 20:00 to 23:00. In systems based on the constant production of energy by power plants, the price of energy increases sharply during times of peak demand. With solar energy, on the other hand, energy production reaches its maximum during the period of the day when demand is highest. In fact, in electricity markets with large-scale solar energy production, the additional supply of energy during peak times may reduce electricity prices during the mid-day time periods to levels similar to those of the night-time hours.

How can a homeowner decide if solar is right for them?
The first thing I ask a potential client is, have you received a written proposal from a solar company. Most homeowners respond by saying someone came by and told me I was not qualified. Solar is a simple decision if you qualify. If you enjoy saving money, saving the planet and producing energy from clean renewable sources like solar? Then solar is right for you.

Why is solar energy so important in this day and age?
As America continues to grow our renewable markets, fossil fuel and its like are predictably running out. There is no better alternative to producing energy from an infinite source than wind and sun. Neither produce a carbon footprint (other than manufacturing) so the direct impact to climate change is real. Producing renewable energy and storing it for dispatch-able use will continue to be the direction of American Energy.

How can homeowners lower their carbon footprint?
Here are a few examples of reducing your carbon footprint. Consider going solar, consider purchasing an electric vehicle, consider converting to Natural Gas. While natural gas is not renewable, it is a cleaner source of fuel and will reduce your carbon footprint.

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