Young Adults Get Voters Registered in Bridgehampton

Some of the young adult ministry volunteers who organized a voter registration drive at the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center on Saturday, October 3.

With the voter registration deadline looming, a group of young people organized a voter registration drive in Bridgehampton last weekend.

The First Baptist Church of Bridgehampton’s young adult ministry and other volunteers set up at the Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center to help get people registered in time for the upcoming presidential election. The deadline to register is Friday, October 9.

“I have come to the realization that a lot of youth are still not registered and we’re running out of time,” said Nia Dawson, a 21-year-old member of the ministry.

Tinka Topping, at right, was one of the volunteers who turned out to help the young adult ministry get people registered to vote on October 3.

Dawson, a college student and Bridgehampton High School graduate who will be casting her first ballot in a presidential election when she steps into the voting booth on November 3, said she was pleased to see the community support and with so many volunteers turning out, including older members of the community. Members of the ministry were able to break up in groups and go into Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor Village to get even more people successfully registered.

One of the youngest volunteers may not be old enough to vote, but he helped get out the message.

“As someone who used to frequently say ‘I’m not into politics’ I can honestly say that mentality is detrimental to our society,” she said. “Now is the time for us young adults, and all age groups to use our voices. We cried. We protested. We mourned. Now we must vote.”

For more information on voting in the November 3 election, visit our Voter Guide

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