Victoria’s Diary: And there was light!

Christmas Nativity scene
The recent celestial event has been interpreted as a possible source of the “Star of Bethlehem” that guided the Three Wise Men.

The world had their eyes on the sky as two planets crossed paths on Dec. 21, creating a sparkling star, a phenomenon not seen since 1126.

Some people suggested a similar passing of planets could have been the star that guided the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem.

Dan Rattiner, the founder of Dan’s Papers, is a brilliant and creative being. He wrote about the phenomenon of Saturn and Jupiter crossing paths and creating the brightest of stars in centuries.

He called me and asked if I would accompany him to East Hampton Beach dressed as one the Three Wise Men. I was to carry a lantern (which he would bring) and a walking stick (my broom without the sweeper). Despite the chilly weather forecast, I immediately said, “Count me in!”

A man who breathes creative air, it didn’t surprise me that he also had asked the local radio station 92.1 WLNG FM to meet us at the beach and play classical church music through loudspeakers and programming over the air waves. And sure enough, they did!

Dan Rattiner as a “Wise Man.”

Lucky for us, the weather cooperated — the night was chillingly cold but I was prepared. I wore two pairs of socks, two layers of pants, three layers of shirts, a long fur-lined coat and my Ugg boots and wrapped myself in a white blanket — just as a Wise Man would wear!

Me, Dan Rattiner and his wife Chris as the Three Wise Men/Women.

We walked on the uneven pocketed sand and used our walking sticks for balance as we gingerly made our way down to the ocean. And with the planets aligned and the startling, sparkling star peeking out from behind streaks of clouds, we re-enacted an event from centuries past.

A surprise was seeing my brother Bob and his wife BJ standing before me, with the added bonus of my nephew Danny and his wife, who had just arrived from their home in Barcelona!

To add to the power of the special night, my dear employee Debbie Cusick sent something to me that I would like to share with my dear readers:

I know some have seen the post about the Christmas Star appearing this year on Dec. 21. I couldn’t help but really take a deeper look at how amazing that this occurrence would be happening in the year 2020.

In the year when Jesus was born, there was violence, chaos, political and social unrest. It was dark.

The Magi found him by way of the star, which was the “meeting” of two stars: Jupiter and Saturn. They followed the star until it rested on where he was and they began to worship him. In a time where it was dark, light was brought into our world. Jesus stepped into the chaos and brought peace.

Fast forward to this year, 2020. It’s a time of violence, chaos, political and social unrest. It is dark. The Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, is a time where the day is the shortest and night is the longest … it’s literally the “darkest day” and is the beginning of the cold, dark winter season.

But on the darkest day this year, Jupiter and Saturn meet, giving us the Christmas Star! How fitting, that in the moment of time during the Christmas season, we get to see this beautiful reminder that even in the darkest of times, light will, and has, stepped in. 

In our chaos, He is there. In our darkest time, He is there. He brings light, and makes all things new.

So as you look out on Dec. 21 for the Christmas Star, may we be reminded of His power, and His light that he brings for all mankind. He is perfect at stepping into chaos and bringing it into peace.

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