Bill Fox Grounds Maintenance Sows Seeds of Spring Lawn Prep

New Natural Grass Lawn
Garden Lawn Technician Worker Installing New Natural Grass From Roll.
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Bill Fox Grounds Maintenance has been expertly landscaping Hamptons properties built atop rich farm soil and delicate beachfront environs for a quarter of a century. In that time, the Bridgehampton-based company’s eponymous owner, Bill Fox, has seen changes aplenty in the industry. We spoke with Fox about the importance of lawn care, landscaping design and preparing for seasonal changes as they arise.

What are the latest trends you’re seeing in landscaping?
I think everybody is very busy and there’s not enough labor to go around…because the economy’s good out here. Everybody’s working as much as they can. Everyone’s trying to hire more people and we just can’t get them. We’re just sort of maxed out.

What landscaping issues do homeowners run into this time of year?
We’re getting properties started for the season, we’re starting planting now, we’re turning on irrigation systems, we’re cleaning up the yard, and we’re doing some early grass seeding in some shady areas. On the turf side, we’re just doing a little spot seeding in shady areas. The most important time for the grass is late summer, early fall.

What should homeowners do to ensure they don’t run into any landscaping problems this summer?
Constant adjustment and constant monitoring. That’s what keeps you out of trouble. You have to stay on it.

What is the biggest misconception about landscaping that homeowners have?
I think sometimes homeowners may think more is better and more is not necessarily better. The right amount is best.

Can you talk about the importance of landscaping?
It holds property value. The landscape creates a ton of oxygen. It sets up outdoor spaces that you can go out and enjoy.

Can you tell us about what services you provide?
We do every thing from landscape design to maintenance. We can draw you a new landscape, we can install it, we can maintain it. We have an interesting little company. Most of the work is referral.

Is there anything else you want to add?
You go with the seasons. The temperature has a lot to do with it, the soil temperature has a lot to do with it, the dew point has a tremendous amount to do with it. And you have to be constantly monitoring these. That tells you what the plants are going to do next, it tells you what the insects are going to do, it tells you when the fungi are going have a potential outbreak.

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