RB Irrigation on Sprinkler Head Cleaning in the Spring

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Make sure you clean your sprinkler head in the springtime
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The condition of your sprinkler heads is vital to the well-being of your irrigation system. Over time when dirt and debris clog screens and nozzles the spray stream coming from the sprinkler head may cause parts of your landscape not to be watered.

A blocked or clogged sprinkler is a common cause of sprinkler failure. 

One sign to look out for that indicates a blocked sprinkler head is when your sprinkler does not let out any water or only lets out some water, but slowly. In some cases, the nozzle may fail to come up all the way or may not come up at all.

Here are some different causes of blockages, which may vary depending on where the sprinkler is and what is around it.

Debris on the surface/trapped in the nozzle — plant matter or debris that falls on top of the sprinkler may find its way into the nozzle or into the spray head. Lawn mowing can contribute to this if small blades of grass end up on top of the sprinkler head.

Dirt buildup — Sometimes dirt can build up in the sleeve of the sprinkler head itself which may prevent the nozzle from coming up or spraying as it should.

Debris in the screens — Debris may work its way into the sprinkler over time. If too much debris gets caught in the screen beneath the nozzle, it may partially or completely cut off the flow of water which results in an underwatered property.

Blockages can sometimes be fixed by wiping the nozzle clean or plucking out a single piece of visible debris. It is recommended that you contact your irrigation professional to remove the nozzle or sprinkler head to clean the individual parts or if necessary, to replace your sprinkler head.

The technicians at RB Irrigation will thoroughly clean sprinkler heads upon opening your system in the Spring. We use irrigation sprinkler tools that clean around the spray heads, rotary and screens. It enables us to see if the sprinkler heads have leaks or if they are crooked. Proper inspection and cleaning of these vital parts is essential to the performance and longevity of your irrigation system.

RB Irrigation has been providing professional lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation solutions on Eastern Long Island since 1999. We use only high-quality products and labor procedures to ensure optimum lawn sprinkler system performance and customer satisfaction. We staff the most reliable and professional lawn sprinkler system specialists, ensuring that customers receive the best service available. RB Irrigation is licensed and insured and serves Eastern Suffolk, including East Hampton, Southampton, Bridgehampton, Westhampton and Montauk.

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