Ric Michel Fine Art Unveils Summer Shows & Boasts Bespoke Art

Daniel Pollera, Late Afternoon, Shinnecock Bay, Oil on Oil Primed Linen Mounted on Board, 40x65 inches
Daniel Pollera’s “Late Afternoon, Shinnecock Bay,” oil on oil primed linen mounted on board
Courtesy Ric Michel Fine Art

A fixture in the New York art scene since 1988, Ric Michel Fine Art has amassed a massive rolodex of acclaimed gallery artists and affluent clients between its New York City and Southampton Village locations.

Comprising artists such as Cande Aguilar, Nelson Bakerman, Lynn Basa, Jud Bergeron, Stanley Boxer, David M. Bowers and many other, RMFA’s roster encompasses a wide range of masters in their chosen medium, both well-established and emerging. And their works on display create an eclectic collection of imagery, genre and price point that promises something for both seasoned and prospective art collectors.

“Unswayed by trends or fashions, we are committed to presenting work that is both contemporary and timeless,” owner Ric Michel says, adding, “What is not on view, can often be created.”

Indeed, RMFA has worked with many a client to facilitate custom commissioned works that can be designed site-specific for a public space, corporate office or a particular wall in one’s home that’s missing something to tie the whole room together. Whatever style of bespoke artwork a client wishes to commission, RMFA has an ideal artist at the ready.

Commissions, however, are just one facet of RMFA’s contribution to the art-loving community.

“Above all, we strive to create a stimulating, welcoming environment where visitors can explore and engage with fine art,” Michel says. With that mission in mind, RMFA Southampton has announced its first two art exhibitions of the summer, both of which are exemplary examples of the gallery’s eclectic offerings.

Jeffrey Terreson, Open Closure, Oils and Gauze on Wood Panel, 44x45 inches
Jeffrey Terreson’s “Open Closure,” oils and gauze on wood panel Courtesy Ric Michel Fine Art

Scratching (Sculpting, Stitching and Staining) the Surface debuted in days leading up to Memorial Day weekend with a collection of abstract works showcasing textures, and the diverse techniques employed to achieve them. The exhibition features sculpted oils by Jeffrey Terreson and Erin Loree, prodded encaustics by Lynn Basa and poured resins by Lola, all of which produce starkly different topographies, as do the impressive found object grafts of Stanley Boxer and Gregory Hengesbaugh. As for Eduardo Terranova’s “The Fishermen of Pearl River,” it is a unique piece that builds upon a substrate of stitched burlap sacks, combining hand-molded plaster, metallic plating and crushed pearls to create myriad lusters and textures within a single painting.

“Viewed individually, each piece is a testament to that artist’s unique skill and vision,” Michel says. “Collectively, the exhibit speaks to the boundless possibilities of creativity and invention.”

Scratching (Sculpting, Stitching and Staining) the Surface concludes on June 30, but not before it’s joined by RMFA Southampton’s second summer show, Reality…and Then Some, which debuts on June 5 and runs through July 25.

Samara Shuter’s “Victory Zeal,” acrylic oil and oil pastel on canvas Courtesy Ric Michel Fine Art

This second exhibition serves as a survey of Realist, Pop and Surrealist painters and is diverse in both the subject matter of works on display and also the techniques used to bring these pieces to life. Hyperrealist painters include Daniel Pollera, Seth Tane and CP Stevens—each precise and meticulous in their recreations of a moment in time, from a sunset over Shinnecock Bay to a bustling NYC street. While Elise Remender, Shay Kun, Bruce Evans and Andriy Halashyn also utilize hyperrealism in their works, they incorporate a great deal of Pop culture iconography into their compositions, giving the finished pieces more of a surrealistic aesthetic. Shane McAdams, Scott Allen Roberts and Samara Shuter are even more loosely realistic still, adding many abstract elements and striking palettes to their figurative and scenic works.

Reality…and Then Some wouldn’t be complete without a carefully curated selection of sculptural works to accompany the terrific two-dimensional pieces. These include provocative bronzes by Isabel Miramontes and Tolla, Pop art wall constructions by Peter Roth and and the whimsical relief tableaux of Stephen Hansen.

RMFA Southampton’s summer exhibitions are on view at 46 Jobs Lane, Southampton and online at ricmichelfineart.com. Call 212-710-1048 for additional information.

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