Podcast: Dan Talks with Juliet Papa, Author, Award-Winning 1010 WINS Radio Reporter

Juliet Papa
Juliet Papa

In each episode of the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcast (aka Dan’s Talks), Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner introduces you to a new guest, some well known, others with interesting careers and stories, authors, musicians, restaurateurs, some characters and some behind-the-scenes people who live, work and play in the summer paradise of the rich and famous.

Episode 55: This week on “Dan’s Talks,” Dan speaks with Juliet Papa, published author and award-winning reporter for 1010 WINS Radio, one of the top-ranked all-news stations in the United States. Papa has also received the prestigious Gracie award, which honors women in media. Her published books include Ladykiller and The Mafia Handbook: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Mob but Were Really Afraid to Ask.

Tune in to the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcast here.

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