Something to Wine About: 2019 Rose Hill Wild Boar Doe

2019 Rose Hill Wild Boar Doe wine
2019 Rose Hill Wild Boar Doe

Long Island wine lovers are no doubt familiar with the iconic wine, Wild Boar Doe, from Rose Hill Vineyards, the winery formerly known as Shinn Estate Vineyards. Shinn Estate was groundbreaking in that they strived towards incorporating not only organic, but biodynamic winemaking principles. However, it’s one thing to use more land-friendly and labor-intensive principles in crafting wine — how the resulting wine tastes is quite another. And Shinn Estate Vineyards created wines that shined.

In 2011, Shinn Estate Vineyards hired winemaker Patrick Caserta, a Connecticut native with more than 10 years of experience working in New Zealand, France, and California — including Vieux Chateau Certan/Le Pin in Bordeaux; Rudd, Verite, Cade and Plumpjack in California; and Te Mata in New Zealand.

Caserta says he saw a bottle of Wild Boar Doe vintage 2005, but it’s possible there was an earlier version. As most wine lovers will probably pick up from the tongue-in-cheek name, The Wild Boar Doe is Long Island’s take on Bordeaux wine.

This wine is exceptional. If you liked Wild Boar Doe before, you will love the 2019 vintage. This vintage is created from 76% merlot, 13% cabernet sauvignon, 6% petit verdo and 5% malbec.

Caserta says, “The percentage of each varietal changes each year, but it is always merlot dominant.”

Interestingly, Long Island’s signature grape, cabernet Franc, isn’t included in the 2019 vintage of Wild Boar Doe. But not for the reason one might think. Caserta explains that the 2019 cabernet Franc was such an exceptional crop it was bottled into Rose Hill’s cabernet Franc wines. Despite the change, when the blending for Wild Boar Doe took place, Caserta says the absence of the cabernet Franc wasn’t felt.

He’s right, the absence isn’t felt. There is so much great stuff going on this wine, each sip is a new adventure. On the nose are notes of fresh and grilled cherry, anise, licorice, and a little earth. On the palate there are all of the above notes and a little toast. The wine retails for $45. Treat the Bordeaux lover in your life to Long Island’s Wild Boar Doe for a change of pace that can easily become a habit.

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