Bridgehampton Event Supports No Dogs Left Behind in Ukraine

Jeffrey Beri and one of his rescued dogs from No Dogs Left Behind
Jeffrey Beri and one of his rescued dogs
Courtesy No Dogs Left Behind

It seems as though we’re constantly seeing our laws and protections changing, complicating an already confusing and stressful world. But for animals, there are often little to no safeguards in place to prevent cruelty against them, which leads to a life of abuse, torture and, in many cases, horrific death.

Here to promote change by fighting for global animal welfare laws and a sustainable future is founder of No Dogs Left Behind, Jeffrey Beri. After viewing several life-changing documentaries including Cowspiracy which identifies animal agriculture as the major source of global warming and brings to light the immense cruelty found within the industry, Beri left his profession as a fashion jewelry designer and mechanical engineer for the opportunity to save lives and become a voice for the voiceless.

Jeffrey Beri celebrates another group of rescued dogs via No Dogs Left Behind
Jeffrey Beri celebrates another group of rescued dogs

No Dogs Left Behind Mission

With a strong global presence including three sanctuaries in East Asia and about 10,000 volunteers on the frontlines, tens of thousands of animals have been saved directly and indirectly by No Dogs Left Behind and its allies.

“We believe that no country has the right to operate without animal welfare laws and that reckless slaughtering must come to an end. As masters in emergency response and evacuation, we believe in fighting the fight on the frontlines in the harshest and worst places,” says Beri.

Most recently, this includes rescue efforts in war-torn Ukraine, working to rescue and reunite pets with their owners, as well as a mission to rescue 300 survivors from Afghanistan, where Beri and his team were met head-on with the Taliban and their AK-47s.

Whether domestically or internationally, the calls for help never stop, which is how Beri and his teams find themselves in some of the harshest conditions around in the world.

“Our intentions are to work with existing infrastructures, provide support and evacuate survivors to be able to reunite them with their animals. We’re also able to act on a humanitarian basis, as we have facilities set up as safe havens for refuges and their pets,” notes Beri.

When on the ground, No Dogs Left Behind is accompanied by medical and security teams to assist rescue efforts. Despite not having a military background, Beri has mastered the art of running drills, creating reconnaissance scenarios, and calculating all moves made to ensure safe and successful missions.

“We’re not combat and we’re not political or religious. We are only there to risk our lives on the frontline for the voiceless,” says Beri.

On a global scale, the recent pandemic shined a light on the abuse and dangerously unsanitary conditions found in wet markets where animals are recklessly slaughtered. Because there are no animal welfare laws in China or many East Asian countries, people have the ability to kill an animal whenever or however they see fit.

Oftentimes this includes stealing pets, dragging or clubbing them to death, and even torching them for consumption. But while there are no protection laws for animals, No Dogs Left Behind can expose the animal butchers by leaning on health food standards and safety laws.

No Dogs Left Behind advocates care for rescued dogs in Beijing, China Yulin Meat Festival
No Dogs Left Behind advocates care for rescued dogs in Beijing, China, Photo: Charles Turner ([email protected])

Getting the Word Out

Once the teams have documented evidence of the butchering, volunteers surround the facility, media outlets and government officials are called in, and the villagers are put on notice to demand enforcement of laws protecting their health and safety.

Perhaps the best way to stop the abuse is through education. Beri has volunteers on the ground providing pamphlets explaining the dangers of wet markets and backyard butchers.

“In the face of COVID, people have experienced death all around them. We provide guidance and education to help people understand that we can prevent the next pandemic by shutting down these slaughterhouses today,” says Beri.

But remember, this is a global concern, not specific to one area or continent. Even in the Unites States, our animal welfare laws are minimal and offer almost no protection for the humane care of animals.

Factory farming leads to cruelty and disease, most recently contributing to the avian flu, wherein millions of birds were inhumanely killed due to exposure caused by the reckless care and limited oversight of these animals and their environments.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable and I encourage everyone to scream louder. No country has the right to recklessly slaughter or operate without any animal welfare laws,” says Beri.

More and more, many Long Island and New York State legislators are listening, so be sure to voice your concerns with your local representatives.

No Dogs Left Behind Benefit

On July 15, Long Islanders will have the opportunity to support No Dogs Left Behind by attending a cocktail party and silent auction at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church, 2463 Main Street, Bridgehampton beginning at 5 p.m.

By attending this event and through contributions made by generous donors, animals receive medical care, placement in shelters, food and eventually the transport needed to get them to their forever loving home. For more information about attending or how you can help, visit

And for more information about adopting/fostering survivors or making a donation, visit

Remember, every dog that makes it into a forever loving home frees up critical space in their sanctuaries, allowing them to rescue more dogs from the constraints of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and slaughter.

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