Health on the Frontlines: The Healing Power of Stem Cells

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To get it out of the way immediately, we are NOT talking about fetal or embryonic stem cells today.

At birth, the umbilical cord and placenta are routinely discarded. These healing stem cells are harvested in Colorado by vitro Bio Pharma and distributed around the world to help people heal and improve their quality of life. They cannot be used in the USA as they are not FDA approved, and large corporations in the pharmaceutical industry have lost interest in funding clinical trials on something you can’t patent. Big pharma saves many lives through new research and development but ultimately must answer to their shareholders and show a profit.

I became fascinated with these umbilical and mesenchymal stem cells after meeting people whose conditions improved after I.V. and local injection of stem cells. I went to the island of Antigua where Dr. Joseph John, a Columbia medical school graduate, worked tirelessly to change laws there so that stem cells cold be used in the island nation.

The medical director who is based in Chicago and does the procedure is Chadwick Prodromos, M.D. Dr. Prodromos went to Princeton undergrad and the Johns Hopkins medical school as well as residency and fellowship training at Yale and Harvard. People from the East Coast travel to the Antigua clinic, and west coast people travel to Monterrey, Mexico to the other clinic to see Dr. Prodromos.

Conditions they treat are heart failure, multiple sclerosis, the effects of aging, Bell’s palsy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease diabetes, erectile dysfunction and hip, knee and shoulder problems. People have experienced other benefits such as more energy, less pain and more mobility. The people I contacted in follow-up reported improved heart ejection fraction (pumping ability), improved vision, more mobility and reduced pain.

Stem cells are not rejected because they haven’t become any specific type of cell. Stem cells are injected into the I.V. and almost magically find where the problem is. We will be hearing more about the healing power of stem cells in the coming years.

Peter Michalos, MD is associate professor of clinical ophthalmology, Columbia University VP&S; chairman, Hamptons Health Society; and a Southampton resident.

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