Café Boulud’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Photos

Partygoers spent the night toasting to Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud for Café Boulud Palm Beach’s 20th anniversary at the Brazilian Court hotel. Delicious drinks were provided by head sommelier Imre Papp, as well as delectable bites made by former Café Boulud Executive Chefs Zach Bell and Rick Mace and current Executive Chef Dieter Samijn. With such mouthwatering food at the fingertips of the celebrants and Brazilian dancers, drum lines and fire performers, it was impossible not to be awestruck throughout the entire affair.

About Café Boulud Palm Beach

The French-American menu of Café Boulud Palm Beach was dreamed up by Chef Daniel Boulud and Executive Chef Dieter Samijn to mirror the menu at the restaurant’s New York location while infusing the flavors of Southern Florida. The Café Boulud website goes on to explain: “With a spotlight on the incredible seafood and produce of the region, the menu showcases classic French dishes synonymous with Boulud himself, modernized to suit the cosmopolitan palate of Palm beach …”

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