Conserve Blue and Save Green with Irrigation Technology

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Did you know that groundwater is the sole source of freshwater supply in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island?

Most of Long Island is entirely dependent on the underlying sole-source aquifer system, which currently supplies over 400 million gallons a day of freshwater to over 2.8 million people in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Long Island’s sole-source aquifer system is the only source of water available to meet the needs of the Island’s population.

Underground aquifers have enough water, but very high demand impacts water pressure that is crucial for emergencies. Water pressure impacts more than your shower, it’s essential for putting out fires.

According to the Suffolk County Water Authority, the average homeowner uses between 400 and 500 gallons of water a day.  When everyone is watering all at once, it taxes the system especially during drought conditions.

Some experts say that up to 50% of water is used for irrigation. Having a highly efficient irrigation system is necessary to help conserve water but in times of drought it is even more essential.

In order to reduce water usage and prevent water waste, consider installing the following technology for maximum irrigation efficiency:

Smart Wi-Fi Controllers – Adjusts your watering schedule based on local weather conditions. You can control watering schedule changes from any smart device.

Flow meters – These measure how slowly or quickly water is flowing through an irrigation system and sends that information to an irrigation controller. Flow meters instantly notifies the controller in case of a broken pipe or leak, prompting the system to shut down. This prevents water waste and damage to your property.

Conserving water is good for everyone. So, let’s do our part and follow water restrictions and keep our irrigation systems running at the highest efficiency possible. Take advantage of technology and add Smart Wi-Fi Controllers and Flow Meters to your irrigation system to significantly reduce your water usage, prevent water waste and to keep your property healthy

Remember when you conserve blue you also save green with reduced water utility bills!

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