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Unmasking Loneliness During The COVID-19 Pandemic And Stratgies For Cultivating Connection

unpacking unconscious
May 7, 2021, 1 pm4 pm.


One of the most challenging aspects of life during the pandemic as been staying connected to others. Despite all the ways people have worked to reimagine new ways to maintain connection, there has been a pandemic rate of depression, loneliness, anxiety and suicide. In his book Together: The Healing Power Of Human Connection In A Sometimes Lonely World, former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy points out that loneliness is right under our noses,
In this workshop, we will explore how Dr. Murthy’s suggestions have relevance to clients’ inner and outer lives, what we can do to help them ignite their social capital and create even stronger connections within the three important areas, and how these ideas translate into clinical practice.

In this workshop you will learn:

Three distinct types of loneliness uncovered in the research;

Three Circles of Connection that correspond to the different domains of this fundamental human need;

Why it is important to unpack and understand loneliness at a deeper level;

Three ways that loneliness can manifest and/or be expressed;

How individuals’ Circles Of Connection have changed over the past year due to COVID-19

Strategies for helping clients cultivate connection in their lives

Nancy Kirsner, Ph.D., TEP, OTR, has been in private practice, teaching, or consulting for 45 years. In 2015, she became a certified positive psychologist through the Whole Being Institute. She loves translating positive psychology principles and research into applied practice utilizing experiential learning. Dr. Kirsner is co-author (with Phoebe Atkinson) of a chapter in Action Explorations: Using Psychodramatic Methods in Non-Therapeutic Setting (edited by Adam Blatner, 2019). She is a past president of the American Society of Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy (ASGPP) and has been the editor of the ASGPP’s Psychodrama Network News for the last three years.

Phoebe Atkinson, LCSW-R is a psychotherapist and coach in private practice in New York City. Since 2012, she served on the faculty of the WholeBeing Institute (WBI) for the Certificate in Positive Psychology as well as in the role of lead faculty in WBI’s Positive Psychology Coaching Program. She has taught workshops at the JCC Manhattan for the past 3 years, bringing the applied science of Positive Psychology and its intersection with embodied practice, and is the curator of the Positivity Hour series, which is a collaboration of WBI and JCC Manhattan. She has co-facilitated several training workshops with Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, for the Lifestage Continuing Education program.

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