Dan’s Taste of Two Forks Countdown: Almond

Chef Jason Weiner

If you think you’re excited to meet and mingle with the top chefs and winemakers from Long Island’s East End at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks, you have nothing on Jason Weiner, chef and partner at Almond restaurants. Between his spot in New York City and his digs at Almond in Bridgehampton, Weiner is a busy man.

“Let’s face it, during the summer most of us restaurant people don’t get out much,” Weiner says. “Any excuse to see the light of day is welcome.” We can’t think of any excuse better than a night celebrating the best food and drink that both the North and South Forks have to offer.


If You Had Two Forks in Your Hand Right Now, What Would You Like to Stick Them In… That sounds aggressive…. I’m a lover not a fighter.

Your Favorite Dish at Almond and What Makes It Special to You… Our roast chicken in its present form was on the opening menu 10 years ago. We serve it in the exact same way in the city, and now it’s on the menu at the new space. In these days of uncertainty and flux, it’s comforting to our customers that some things don’t change.

The Moment You Knew Food Was Your Calling… The moment my grandma put a dash of salt in my oatmeal and it tasted sweeter.

The World Ends Tomorrow. Your Last Meal Would Be… Lamb and rice. The Halal cart on the corner of 30th Street and 5th Avenue in NYC might be involved.

The Perfect Meal Is… One prepared with no waste.

Favorite Local Ingredient… Pike Farms Silver Queen corn.

You Find Inspiration for a New Dish… In the garden.

People’s Biggest Misconception About Pairing Wine and Food… Not a clue—my food goes better with beer. That’s why we have 6 New York State craft beers on tap.

If You Didn’t Work in the World of Food, You’d Be… An economist. Its the most culinary of the social sciences.

A Word That Defines How You Feel About Food… Fair and Balanced. Oh no, wait. That’s Fox News.


Dan’s Taste of Two Forks is Saturday, July 16, in Sayre Park in Bridgehampton, NY. For more info and to purchase tickets, click here.

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