A Hurricane Survival Guide for the Hamptons

Southampton Town Hurricane Guide

Hurricane survival advice isn’t going to do much good once Hurricane Irene arrives in the Hamptons if you haven’t actually paid attention to it. As the din of impending storm disaster grows louder on TV, radio and across the Internet, however, there’s a fear among government officials and emergency workers that people may start tuning out the warnings about how to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

Sightings of people bypassing nonperishable food goods and water and stocking up on organic cheeses and wine in certain East End establishments this morning seems to lend some credence to those concerns. While we appreciate the importance of those goods for any weekend in the Hamptons, may we suggest pairing them with the Official Town of Southampton 2011 Hurricane Survival Guide—a resource you should check out, download and keep handy. And read, of course, as Hurricane Irene roars up the East Coast.

You can get the Official Town of Southampton 2011 Hurricane Survival Guide here.

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