Beaches, Kayaks and North Fork Artist Nick Cordone

"Three Sisters" by Nick Cordone
"Three Sisters" by Nick Cordone

Beach umbrellas, bass fishermen, vintage barns. They are images that define the East End of Long Island, that draw us to the North Fork—and to the artwork of Nick Cordone.

“Much of my work reflects local subject like kayakers, barns, trucks, farms, beach objects, etcetera, that form the ‘Patina of Life’ found on the East End,” says Cordone, who lives and paints in Southold. “There is a calmness that surrounds this area, one which holds a tremendous amount of history. It is reflected in the faces of the locals and makes up their unique character.” [expand]

That unique sense of people and place will be on display when Cordone joins other outstanding local artists being showcased at the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show and Cocktail Party on August 20. “Being selected as a cover artist for four of Dan’s Papers covers has helped to connect me to the East End,” Cordone says. “It’s amazing the amount of positive comments and accolades that I have received from readers from Montauk to Manhattan. Like my website, being a cover artist helps to validate me as a local artist. The covers are something tangible that the readers can relate to easily.”

Cordone isn’t against pursuing the intangible as well, however. “As an artist I am always searching for new subject matter, interesting color schemes, creative story lines.” To say nothing of venturing outside the lines.

“I am currently working on a new series of paintings entitled Do Animals Daydream. Whereby, I am asking viewers to review how they relate to animals and pets. I am applying human characteristics like humor, greed, joy, envy, assimilations and aspirations to animals.

The Big Dance by Nick Cordone

“For example,” he continues, “Do chickens, who don’t normally fly, aspire to fly when they see a seagull passing by? Or, like us, do fish ever consider music as a pleasant diversion to day-to-day survival? This new work is a bit surrealistic and absorbs the viewer into the story. Recent exhibits of this work have been very successful.”

As dedicated as he is to his craft, Cordone likes to get away every now and then—and now just on Long Island. “When not in my studio I enjoy most outdoor sports like tennis, golf and especially skiing. I belong to a ski club and we ski out west, New England, Canada and Europe. Being on top of a massive mountain range or glacier, surrounded by snow and the rush of adrenalin when flying down a run, is breathtaking and soul-cleansing.”

Click here to get your tickets now for the Dan’s Papers Cover Art Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20, at Seasons of Southampton!

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