Life Is One Big Art Party for Charles Wildbank

The North Fork and South Fork of Long Island may have their aesthetic differences, their unique sensibilities, but artist Charles Wildbank recently found that a blend of both offered some fresh inspiration for his work.

Though my studio is in Jamesport in the North Fork, I had the great pleasure of staying in Sag Harbor all month of July this year. I met many artists, dealers, galleries, charities and many of their associates during my stay,” he says. “Inspiring were all the events happening, all of them listed in Dan’s Papers.”

Of course, Wildbank’s relationship with Dan’s Papers goes well beyond his appreciation of always being in the know about everything in the Hamptons. “Over the years, I’ve done about 8 covers for Dan’s Papers and find it an honor to become a visible part of the greater artistic community of the Hamptons and Manhattan,” says Wildbank, one of the select artists we’re looking forward to seeing at the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20. [expand]

Wildbank’s covers have ranged from a tasty-looking pie to a mega ice cream sundae to a massive shell floating above the land to a colorful collection of candies, a blend of the surreal and a signature photorealism. Florals, portraits, still life, he does them all. When it comes to picking a subject to paint, then, the decicion-making process can’t be easy, right? “I go by my feelings, usually seeking out its ecstatic possibilities, not just for myself but to share among humanity.”

When he does manage to find some time for himself, “I love to get back in touch and tune with Nature wherever I am,” he says. “Art is an infusion of Life into living, therefore I make it a point for myself to maintain that aliveness feeling and I get that from Nature. There is a lot of nature left in the East End of Long Island and the Hamptons. Even Central Park!”

Wilbank has ties to New York City going back to his days at Pratt and Columbia. But his ties to the East End artists community are something else altogether. “The best thing is we are all close in wavelength and understand or appreciate many things in common as well as share novel experiences with one another,” Wildbank says. “It is one big art party!”

And on Saturday night, it’ll be a whole lot bigger.

Click here to get your tickets now for the Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Show & Cocktail Party on Saturday, August 20, at Seasons of Southampton!




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