Week of August 19-25, 2011

Riders this week: 14,722

Rider miles this week: 152,846


Madonna, in full riding gear, was spotted on the Hampton Subway between Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton. About halfway to Bridgehampton, the subway stopped, a button was pushed, and the lights at the entrance of her private station lit up, and she got off. [expand]


For those who want the very best out of the Hampton Subway, the system is offering a brand new luxury service. Hampton Subway will pick you up in a stretch limousine wherever you are in the Hamptons, take you to the subway station of your choice, and when you arrive there, have the bevy of pretty young women who you will find inside the limo get out, accompany you down the stairs to the platform and when the train comes, smile and wave goodbye to you as you get on.


This Thursday only, Hampton Subway will be giving away free passes after 2 p.m. on the subway to everyone who uses the subway. Our new PR Director Anthony Silverting and his associates will be on each of our subways all day, walking through the cars, giving out the passes, which are good for getting through the turnstiles for all the rest of that day.


The Hampton Subway System was shut down for one hour last Saturday between 1:15 and 2:15 p.m. because it was raining very heavily outside. Attorneys for the Subway met with the Commissioner in our main office in Hampton Bays and, after assessing the situation, decided that wet people, while coming down the elevator or crossing the underground platform or getting on the train, might have their glasses fog up from the heat down there, fall and injure themselves, and then sue. The Commissioner had assembled the full Board of Directors at this meeting, but the decision to close on the busy weekend for that hour was passed 4-2 with one abstention.


Passengers reported all Monday morning that the recorded announcement system on the westbound subway out of Montauk, which says over the loudspeaker “watch out for the closing doors” and “next stop Amagansett,” was off by one station. So when they approached Amagansett it said, “Next stop East Hampton,” and when they approached Bridgehampton it said, “Next stop Water Mill.” The passengers making the report said they didn’t care, that they either knew the stops or, for those who didn’t, they were able to tell what the truth was. The problem was fixed by 2 p.m. The error seems to have occurred in the Montauk Yard when a new employee, Martha Wellington, 24, who used to work as a waitress in that town at the Surf and Waverunner Grill, failed to do a complete rewind.


There will be a short delay in the tunnel between Southampton and Shinnecock on Thursday between 10 and 10:15 a.m. while workmen fix the tracks so that the little lurch that has been reported recently there does not continue to happen. It is believed that a railroad spike has come loose. Preparations for the work will take place in a storage room alongside the tunnel nearby so the delay will only take the 15 minutes. Compliments go to our Repair Crew who do everything possible to minimize disruption as they go about doing what they have to do.


Straphangers in the first car of every train approaching Southampton Hospital from either direction will have to move to the second or third car on request when anyone being brought on board by paramedics on a gurney has to be taken to the hospital. This is expected to be necessary only when the first car is completely packed with people, which usually just takes place during rush hour. Signs will be posted in our “first cars” explaining the new rule. In the first car, the sick or injured will be arriving first at the Southampton Hospital stop before anybody else. This should save lives.


Management and employees work every day thinking of ways to improve the service, and we encourage this, particularly at the company cafeteria in Hampton Bays during lunch when “brainstorming sessions” take place. It is this policy of ours which has made Hampton Subway the #1 subway system in the Northeast Region, Mid-Atlantic, Less than 100,000 Population, Beach Resort Division every year since that division was created in 2008.

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