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The Power of Intention

The word intention is used in many ways. I use it to mean that what we believe strongly to be true helps to shape our experience. If we intend to break a bad habit or to set a goal to improve our lives, and we believe that it is possible, then the paths and opportunities to reach our goal will open up. We’ve seen this phenomenon again and again. The reverse is also true. If you believe that making a change in your life is going to be difficult or impossible to do, then it’s more likely that you will experience failure.

Your patterns of negative or positive thoughts shape your reality. When you strive to be clear and confident with your intention, your goal will manifest much more easily. But when you are conflicted in your thoughts, you will manifest obstacles. What we focus on in our mind’s eye is ultimately reflected back to us in our experience of reality.

Whenever you want to set a new goal for yourself, start by setting your intention with a clear affirmation and visualization. Take the time to become clear about what you want, but then simply declare it. Say to the universe, “Here is my goal. Make it so.” Do not think you can tell the universe exactly how and when your goal will be achieved; you cannot.

Where we put our consciousness, we put our life energy.  Put your consciousness into your intention and notice the change that happens when you do.

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