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USA Today/Gallup Poll Suggests Current Politicans Will Have A Tough Time Getting Re-Elected

In a USA Today/Gallup poll, only 24 percent of those surveyed said that most members of Congress deserve re-election, which is considered to be the lowest percentage ever since the poll began in 1991.

The poll suggests that there will be a vast amount of changes in the 2012 election, and is certainly a bit of bad news for local incumbents on both the Republican and Democrat side of the fence. Will the mudslinging in 2012 get ugly? Some say it already has.

The poll also showed that 56 percent of adults believe that representatives in their own district deserve re-election, which suggests that incumbents still have a very good shot at getting re-elected, which is good news for incumbents such as Congressman Tim Bishop.

The poll also showed that President Obama could have a difficult time in the next election cycle, stating that 51 percent of Americans don’t think he deserves to be re-elected and that Mitt Romney has the highest potential to be his Republican adversary.

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