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Video: Crazy Lightning Storm Last Night on Long Island

Last night I was driving along Route 27 heading back to my house in Southampton when I saw the darkest, scariest looking cloud on the horizon. In about ten minutes, I was in the middle of the incredible lightning storm that struck Long Island, and I’ve never seen anything like it. There were full lightning bolts illuminating the sky every five or ten seconds, but all I could think about was how awful it must have been for anybody out on a boat—and then I saw a guy driving by me on his motorcycle.

Other people on the highway were stopping their cars and motorcycles under overpasses to watch the storm. The Long Island Rail Road suffered numerous delays and flat-out cancellations, including on the Montauk line. Hail the size of baseballs crashed down on parts of Long Island, damage was inflicted on cars and homes, and this morning there were still reports of power outages on the East End.

Such an event had to be captured, but there was no way I was stepping outside to get my video. With windshield wipers pumping, I shot the show exploding in the sky, and what a show it was. Every time you see light fill the car, lightning  has struck—nearly every five seconds or so. About 30 seconds into the video, there’s a lightning strike that couldn’t have been more than a mile away, like something spawned by a Hollywood special effects crew.

My friend Phil told me that he was watching it from Southampton and had never seen lightning like that—and he’s lived out here most of his life. The same is true for me—and probably for you, too. Share your photos and videos from last night’s storm with us and see if you can top what I saw!

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