Restaurant Review: Jamesport Country Kitchen

Tucked away in the quaint little strip that is Main Road in Jamesport is the Jamesport Country Kitchen, and if you don’t pay close attention you just might miss it. This restaurant is appropriately named because it has cute, country décor and the minute you step inside you feel welcome. But it’s the food that makes this little kitchen so wonderful and the lunch hour rush so busy. The sophisticated and amplified traditional East End cuisine is a pleasant surprise for such a tiny place, but the Jamesport Country Kitchen is associated with Christopher Michael Catering, which operates out of the grander Jamesport Manor Inn, so that might explain it.

For this review I brought along my aunt and grandmother to savor all the scrumptious offerings. We each started off with an appetizer, grandma having the soup special, which was corn and scallop with bacon. It was light, yet slightly creamy and had prominent corn flavor with a hint of smoky bacon. Aunty ordered the deep fried brie with fresh baguette, which was perfectly brown and crisp on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. I had crispy duck wings with blueberry “barbeque” sauce. This is the Kitchen’s more elegant version of Buffalo wings. And I have to admit that these were above and beyond any chicken wing I’ve ever eaten. The meat was moist underneath a crunchy crust and the blueberry sauce was just sweet enough.

For an entrée, grandma had the pasta special of penne with shrimp and sausage in Cajun Alfredo sauce. The pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce was just right to coat everything, and it had a very nice spice to it. The sauce was actually so delicious that I used everyone’s focaccia to mop up every drop. Aunty had the salmon special, which was encrusted in horseradish and served with marinated vegetables. The salmon was flaky and the horseradish mixed with breadcrumbs helped to give the fish a subtle kick. For my main dish I ordered mesclun salad with grilled shrimp, beets, candied walnuts, and goat cheese drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette. The shrimp was tender and the beets retained their sweetness as they melted in my mouth along with the goat cheese.

We all topped off our lunch with dessert. Grandma had white chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crumb crust, which came topped with a dark chocolate ganache so thick that it stuck to the roof of your mouth. The cheesecake itself was quite light and delicately flavored. Aunty ordered raspberry and chocolate fudge layer cake, which tasted like every woman’s dream dessert, completely decedent and chocolately. For my dessert, I had apple and mango crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. To me this tasted like the perfect summer dessert because the fruit was bright and the cold ice cream was cool and refreshing, but the crisp part made it homey.

All three of us ladies were definitely full and satisfied as we left. And my aunt said it best as we departed, “I would come back here again.”

Jamesport Country Kitchen 1601 Main Road Jamesport, NY 11947. 631-722-3537. 

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