Skydiving And The Risk Of Doing Nothing

In 2009, I learned a pretty valuable lesson about the importance of risk in life, and I was just listening to a friend of mine in Southampton discuss the importance of risk. The topic of sky diving came up. For those of you that have ever thought about going sky diving, no where is there a better metaphor with taking risks in your life in order to enjoy it fully. I go through this kind of thing all of the time with risk, and a lot of times I don’t take them out of fear, but the ultimate result of not giving something a try is that nothing happens, which in my opinion is a risk in itself.

I’m not suggesting going crazy and that everybody should take wild risks with things, but if you don’t take a chance every once in a while, or a leap of faith, it’s impossible to get the result that you want. Without the risk there is no reward. Think whatever it is that you are doing or trying to do logically, think it through, and if deep down you know that it will most likely work out, then it’s worth getting over the fear and taking a leap. But let me tell you something, when I was falling out of the sky in 2009, and felt the earth pulling me down, praying to God that the chute would open, and then when it did, seeing just how incredible the world is from that perspective, and not just the view, but from the perspective of accomplishing something that you never thought you’d have the guts to do, you learn a lot.

All too often we don’t allow ourselves to take a little leap.


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