Jerry Seinfeld Replaces Regis Philbin

Retiring talk show host Regis Philbin will be replaced by East Hampton resident Jerry Seinfeld as the first guest host.

Seinfeld will be sitting next to another Hamptons resident, Kelly Ripa, for three days beginning November 21 and ending November 23.

And it even gets more Hamptons-y! East Hampton homeowner Kim Cattrall will be one of the guests that Kelly and Jerry interview! The show is also planning on having Jason Segal and Howie Mandel as potential guests. And there is also talk of celebritey chef Jamie Oliver being interviewed by the pair.

Regis Philbin has spent the last 28 years as host of the show. Jerry will not be his official replacement, but if all goes well, who knows!

The show is set to be re-named “Live!”

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