Winterizing Your Hamptons Home

Among all the things you’re focused on this time of year in the Hamptons, few are as important as getting your house ready for winter. Whether you’ll be back now and then or are closing up for the season, winterizing your home means both knowing what to do right now and knowing who to turn to while you’re away. A quality estate manager, somebody you can trust to treat your home like their own, can help you manage everything from contractors to cleaning services to things you may not even have have thought of…

Ice, Ice Baby

During the winter, if you aren’t going to be at your Hamptons home very often it’s important to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze. This can be done two ways: either drain all of the pipes in your home and shut off the water, or hire someone who will monitor your fuel and heating systems and make sure the temperature of the home stays warm enough to prevent damage.

After the Storm

It’s vital for a homeowner to be mindful of the damage that can occur during the winter from wind or stormsPost-storm damage should be dealt with quickly, which is only possible if there’s somebody on location to stay on top of assessing damage and doing repairs—or knowing who to call to get work done. Left unchecked, one thing can lead to another and it can cost you a lot more money in the long run than if you nip storm damage in the bud.

Uninvited Guests

If you aren’t home during the winter, it’s important to have somebody come by a few times a week and check on the house. When a house sits empty all winter, it can attract unwanted attention and vagrants. If the house stays active and the lights go on every once in awhile, it tells people you haven’t invited to stay away.

Decking the Halls!

If you’re away but coming back to the Hamptons for the holidays, an estate manager can have the house decorated prior to your arrival—that includes a Christmas tree or menorah, holiday lights, wreaths and anything else to make the season merry and bright.

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