Great Party Theme Choice Gurney’s Inn Has Made for New Year’s Eve Bash

I have to say, Gurney’s Inn, I’m impressed.

Gurney’s Inn Resort and Spa in Montauk is a legendary place. They never stop coming up with new ways to entertain. But this year, for their New Year’s Eve party, they may have out done themselves.

Gurney’s Inn will be holding its 49th annual New Year’s Eve Party with a “Back to the Future” theme, and I’m not going to lie, I think it’s a pretty unique concept. I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve at Gurney’s Inn before. The last one I attended was a Roman themed party, which was awesome. They brought in guys dressed up in full gladiator outfits who fought in the middle of the restaurant, and Paul Monte, the CEO of Gurney’s, was dressed up as Caesar and had Roman guards following him around the resort.

I wasn’t initially sure what a “Back to the Future” party could even mean, but I’ve come to learn that anybody attending should definitely see the classic 1985 Michael J. Fox movie first! Everybody at the New Year’s Eve bash will have to dress up as if they were from the 1950s or the ’80s, or dress up as one of the characters in the film. And you can bet that Gurney’s Inn will be providing Diet Pepsi with vodka as a drink of choice.

As much as I love the movie, I always forget that Back to the Future was produced by Hamptonite Steven Spielberg. That guy is the man.



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