Oh, The Weather Outside Isn’t Frightful…Yet

The weather in the Hamptons may not feel like winter is truly on its way, but once that icy wind starts to blow and the rain turns to snow, there’s nothing quite like a toasty fire. A number of you have had questions about choosing the right fireplace for your Hamptons homes, so we went to Ashwood Hearth and Home Energy Center for some answers.

The Question: I’m looking to put in a fireplace before the winter, but I’m not sure what kind to choose. What is a vent free fireplace? Are there any advantages to considering one?

Ashwood Hearth and Home Energy Center Says: Vent free fireplaces are fireplaces that do not require any type of vent system. Instead, they are designed to burn clean and the combustion by-products allowed to flow into the room the fireplace is located in. Stringent requirements ensure that these fireplaces not only burn cleanly, but that they are located in rooms of sufficient size to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air is always available for the combustion process. A highly sensitive sensor is employed to turn off the gas to the fireplace should the level of oxygen within the area begin to deplete. The most obvious benefit of this type of system is that no heat is lost through the venting system, making the fireplace virtually 100% efficient.

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