When In Montauk, You Don’t Mess With A Man’s Boat Seat

“Hey that’s my seat.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it is get up.”

“Go screw yourself.”


Something like this happened on December 21st in Montauk between two men. Ray E. Hightower, 38, of Hempstead, was arrested by East Hampton Town Police after he got into a fight on a Viking charter fishing boat in Montauk. He was charged with third-degree assault at 4:20 in the morning (yes, that is the official time, I did not make that up).

According to the report, Mr. Hightower said that the other man, whom he left unconscious, instigated the fight over a seat on the boat. He admitted to punching the man twice to get away from him. The man was found by police to be completely knocked out and was transported to Southampton Hospital where he needed to get stitches to a cut on his face.

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